Deborah 2010So why should you care what Deborah loves?

Sometimes you just want to hear what someone has to say about a product or a place and I am never lacking for an opinion. I have been around the block – moved 30 times, traveled around the United States and Europe/Mexico and just love to share my stories.

I have been loving these things for years!

Over the years, people have asked what I think about business and listened to what I have experience and what I like and don’t.  As a Leo – I have feelings both good and bad and don’t mind sharing my opinion.

In my spare time I love to craft, read, listen to music, watch movies and travel and so along with sharing my thoughts on what I love in business; this is a platform to share what I love in all walks of my life.

So this is a website for kindred spirits – people that enjoy some of the same hobbies that I love and might be interested in some of my opinions.

The advertisers on this site are affiliate programs = so full disclosure – if you decide to make a purchase, I will have a small financial benefit but my real purpose it to share what I love with those that enjoy the same things.

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