dragonHow many times have I heard people say that they would write an article, workbook or ebook if only they had the time. “I just have so much information to share but I don’t have any time.”

Dragon is the solution that I use. Dragon from Nuance is a software that you load onto your computer (or an app for your iPad) that allows you to speak and it will recognize your voice, putting your words on paper for you.

It takes a little bit of time to adjust, especially if you talk fast like I do, but when you speak clearly, Dragon recognizes your words and puts them on paper. You can even add punctuation and paragraph breaks.

For those of you older than the hills, like me – you may remember taking dictation in short hand. I was never very good at learning the abbreviations for true short hand but I did have a boss that would record his memos into a handheld device called a dictaphone. I would then rewind the tapes and manually type out his instructions, thoughts or letters.

Dragon allows you to do the same thing without the middle person doing the typing.

I first ordered Dragon as an app for my iPad and downloaded the free version. It works great and then I can email the document to myself, cut and paste and put it into a Word document or directly into a blog post template like this one.

I loved it so much, I ordered the paid version. You can chose the software for immediate download or do as I did and have it mailed – I received a free microphone and headset with my software.

It is great and Dragon is just one more thing that Deborah loves!