On Sunday, April 9, 2017 the headline for Huffington Post was:

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Can’t Explain Trump’s Hypocrisy On Syrian Refugees

It is easy to understand the challenge Haley is having when you consider the inconsistencies of the Trump administration when it comes to Syria. First he bans all Syrian refugees, which would include children, from entering the United States and then he squeezes out a tear over the  “beautiful babies” killed in a chemical bombing which leads him to take military action.

Journalist Marina Fang said, “Trump, as president and as a candidate for office, has been fear mongering about refugees ― especially those displaced by Syria’s civil war ― and has spread lies about their supposed danger.” Yet, in a bold, bi-partisan move this past week, approved the Syrian airstrikes, citing it as a “humanitarian” response. 

I’m getting whiplash from the Trump’s flip-flop focus.

Copyright: rioblanco / 123RF Stock Photo