This year as part of my Nanowrimo experience, I wrote a book called Terminal Two.

Although I live in Cleveland, I spend a lot of time in Phoenix and consequently, a lot of time at the United terminal (#2) at the airport. I enjoy people watching and making up little stories about their lives and what brings them to the airport.

Terminal Two is the day in the life of gates 6 and 8 and the people who work and travel in and out of those gates. It is a busy Tuesday and many people are going many places.

The book allows you to sit back and take a peak into their lives for a snap shot in time. Some will come and leave as quickly as they arrive, leaving you wanting to know more, while a few hang around for a few hours letting you into perhaps more than you wanted to know.

Throughout the day the United employees work hard to make the travel experience a good one while taking care of their own personal stories.