On Sunday, April 9, 2017, the lead article on Forbes.com is about the impact immigrant H1-B visas will have on Silicon Valley. The article was written by Kenneth Rapoza and was originally published April 5. The struggle with the article is that contributor, Rapoza, assumes the reader understands the significance of H1-B visas, the looming deadline and how it differs from other work visas.

On April 7th CNN published a more comprehensive article on the H1-B situation  entitled H-1B visa applications hit cap in 4 days which examines the impact limited H1B immigrant visas for the remainder of 2017 will have on U.S. businesses.

Why Forbes would lead with a four day old article, on a confusing topic that is updating daily, is, in the immortal words of Vizzini from the Princess Bride, inconceivable.