It is spring break time again; a time when college students leave their books behind in exchange for sun, fun and bad decisions. If the pictures in the NY Daily News article are an indication, not much has changed in how spring break is celebrated in more than forty years. Perhaps the only thing that has changed is the fact that sun worshipers have replaced their tanning oil with sun screen.

However, spring break isn’t just about beer, bikinis and beaches. In a recent email conversation with Laurie Marlett Nagy, 46, mother of three, about her spring break memories, the annual college tradition also provides the opportunity for life lessons.

Spring Break Life Lessons

“My last year in college I went with two girlfriends to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a week, thanks to my mom,” Nagy said. “We flew down (from New York State) and stayed at a hotel right on the beach. We had so much fun.”

“We hung out on the beach during the day and enjoyed the strip at night. We went to different restaurants and tried interesting foods like alligator and shark. We were very responsible and had a great time. We learned how to control our money and how to get from the airport to the hotel and check in and out. We learned how to tip and order and drink responsibly. I am so glad that we did it. I will always remember that trip and how much fun we had.”

Jill Bidwell McCauslin, 50-something entrepreneur shared her best take away during a Facebook conversation: “Clean the car before returning it to my father.”

Lessons To Learn Before You Go on Spring Break

Zanes Law provided six safety tips for 2017 that every college student should know. For example, “Create a code word between you and your friends that lets them know when you need their help.”

If properly prepared, spring break can be a great way to learn a few life lessons for today’s college student. Keep this final tip shared during a phone interview from Jeff Nischwitz, business owner and professional speaker, in mind.

“No matter how logical or right it feels, keep your clothes on.”

Photo courtesy of Emily Brown