When you imagine the genius behind self-driving car technology does a hormonal, pimple-faced teen come to mind? If not, then today’s lead article on Forbes.com may be a little disturbing.

At 17-years old, “Austin Russell started thinking about creating better 3D imaging technology while spending his last couple years of high school at the Beckman Laser Institute at the University of California, Irvine, designing augmented reality and wireless power transmission projects.”

He is all grown up now, 22, and ready to launch “an advanced laser LiDAR sensor that he says paves the way for self-driving cars to “actually work and be safe.”

Safe? The Auto Insurance Center website offers a balanced article providing 20 pros and 20 cons for self-driving cars, but they may be scraping the bottom of the barrel with this con:

“Driver’s ed courses would lose money and go out of business because there would be less of a need to educate people how to drive.”

Would you get behind the wheel of a self-driving car and surrender control to the vehicle?