Managing your marketing content can be a challenge. Fitting that newsletter, blog post or press release into your already busy schedule is not only hard, it is also easy to just say “oh, I’ll do it tomorrow” when you are busy.

Of the different books and workbooks I have created for small business owners, I think my favorite, so far, is the workbook How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Newsletters, Press Releases and Articles.

This workbooks walks the reader through the process of creating a calendar so that they stay on track with keeping their business name in the news and in front of prospects on a regular basis.How to create an editorial calendar

My favorite part is the section on understanding how to repurpose content. In the workbook, I show readers how to take a single idea “3 spring cleaning tips for your home” and creating:

  • A press release
  • A newsletter
  • Four blog posts
  • Multiple tweets
  • Several Facebook status updates
  • A Google+ entry
  • three Youtube videos

All from one idea!

Check it out – for less than $10 you can organize and plan your marketing content!