Once again Trump heads the news day. Huffington Post led with an article about today’s, April 11th, special election in Kansas.  “The contest is over the seat formerly held by Mike Pompeo, the tea party congressman Trump picked to run the CIA.”

The article is filled with speculation as the votes have yet to be tabulated:

“Early voting numbers, while not necessarily an indicator of final turnout, showed more enthusiasm than usual among Democrats.”

Bigger news was the United Airlines story of the physical removal of a doctor on a yesterday’s Chicago to Louisville flight in which the doctor was injured and dragged from the plane by security. Despite passenger video to the contrary, United officials blame the victim. 

United Airlines agents were “left with no choice” but to call security officers to remove a “disruptive and belligerent” passenger, the company’s CEO wrote Monday in an email to employees.”

Check out Jimmy Kimmel’s treatment of the event with his United PSA.

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