Almost 100 years ago, the Hoover presidential campaign slogan was “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.” The slogan denoted the potential for prosperity with a Hoover presidency.

Today’s political unrest begs the question, what would Hoover’s slogan be if he were to run for president?

“A chicken in every pot and a gun in every pocket?”

The Gun Violence Archive keeps a running tally of the gun incidents each year in the United States. As you can see from this infographic, just four months into the year we have experienced over 20,000 shootings.


What does that mean for today’s college student? According to the Independent:

“The number of deadly incidents in primary, high schools, colleges and universities is one of the most common types of mass shooting.”

In light of the rise in gun violence in America, should community colleges in Arizona be required to allow instructors and/or students to carry firearms on campus?

I asked one of my professors to share his thoughts on the subject. “I am opposed to carrying weapons on campus, concealed or otherwise,” said Matthew Healy, professor, Scottsdale Community College. “Violence begets violence, and a campus should be a safe place of learning. Neither is it the responsibility of an instructor to police the classroom with potentially lethal means. I support initiatives that prevent gun violence from happening in the first place.”

Current Gun Regulations on Campus

The Armed Campuses website indicated the current laws regarding firearms by state. For Arizona the law is left up to each school:

“Arizona has no specific law regarding the limitations of concealed firearms on college and university campuses, therefore it is up to each university and college to decide whether to permit concealed handguns on campus or in buildings.  The Arizona Board of Regents prohibits concealed weapon on campus, with limited exceptions.”

However, in light of the rise in gun violence, some community colleges are examining their conceal and carry laws very carefully. Grace Chen offers some updated information in her community college article.

“A string of tragedies at schools across the country in recent years has many community colleges taking a serious look at their security policies. At the forefront is the question of whether guards and officers on community college campuses should be allowed to carry firearms. While some college administrators make good argument for the allowance of weapons, others have equally compelling arguments against the practice.”

2nd Amendment Pros and Cons

Just asking the question about the right to bear arms can lead to fisticuffs, assuming firearms are not available. Jennifer Frost created an infographic for The 10 Most Controversial Essay Topics for 2017 of which gun control is one.

There is no clear cut answer to the question. Most Americans agree that the process of obtaining a gun and the regulations surrounding gun control need further review, however, the right to bear arms seems to be a controversial subject. So when you add children to the mix as this question does; (our children who are attending college, the very beings that we nursed and nurtured), the conversation gets even more heated.

Should Schools Be Required to Allow Guns?

I went where most do for facts, opinions and alternative news to ask the question:

Should community colleges in Arizona be required to allow instructors and/or students to carry firearms on campus?